Our physician may recommend a kyphoplasty if you are suffering from pain due a compression fracture or break in your vertebrae. This kind of fracture makes it difficult to move freely and can cause significant pain. Kyphoplasty is also effective for patients whose bones have been weakened by cancer or whose vertebrae weaken or collapse due to osteoporosis.

When you undergo this procedure, you will be sedated. A tube or probe is introduced into the vertebrae through a small incision in the back. With the assistance of X-ray technology, we can guide the tube into the correct position in the bone. We will next insert a surgical balloon, which will be inflated to the proper height determined by the doctor. We then fill the space with orthopedic cement, which will hold the vertebrae at its optimal position. Once the cement has hardened, the tube and balloon are removed, and the area is bandaged.

Patients are usually discharged an hour or two after the surgery. You should arrange for a ride home after the procedure is completed. Once at home, make sure to keep the incision clean and dry. You can resume your normal daily activities, but you should avoid lifting heavy objects.

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