If you struggle with chronic joint pain, you may be hesitant to undergo surgery of repairing the damaged tissue, which can be invasive and painful. Stem cell treatment may be the right choice for you!

What are stem cells?
Stems cells are a special type of cells that have the ability to multiply and regenerate into potentially any tissue in your body. They can develop into a cartilage, muscle or nerves. They are often found in bone marrow and fat; however, they can also be donated.

How does the treatment work?
Our physicians will harvest cells from your bone marrow or fat tissue before the procedure. These cells will be injected into the affected joint. Once there, they will start to divide and duplicate themselves to restore tissue and reduce inflammation.

Not only can stem cell treatment restore tissue, pain relief may begin as soon as the procedure has been completed. We can also combine stem cell treatment with platelet-rich plasma therapy to maximize your results and for effective pain relief.

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